Wednesday, July 30, 2014

When a boy actually texts you...

Sorry about the crappy picture...but it represents my reaction pretty well.
It was just like any other day.  I was being my antisocial self, sitting at my computer. I got a message on Facebook, but it was from this guy that was from my 7th grade PE class whom I've had barely any contact with even when he was in my class years ago.  Assuming it was some sort of spam I decided to reply and see what kind of weight-losing program, game, or other strange website was spamming me this time.  Instead, I got a "what's up?" He started asking about my summer and I suddenly realized that I was actually talking to a real person.  Out of curiosity, I kept participating in the conversation.  He asked for my phone number so we could text, and I thought why not?  I eventually asked him why he messaged me in the first place.  His reply: "Cuz ur cute(: and u were always nice to me and I wanted to get to know u."  Did he know who he was talking to?  Was he aware that I'm completely boy repellant?  Why did he write his happy face the wrong way?  Was this some sort of joke to mess with me?  All of this stuff was bouncing around my head at the sight of that text.  He kept telling me how pretty and amazing I am.  He even told me that I'm his dream girl.  I thought this sort of stuff only happens in unrealistic books and movies.  What happened to my sane world?  I found myself drawing hearts all over the place. My reality faded into a fantasy.  I was constantly red in the face just thinking what he had said.  Then things took a downturn.  He asked if I have a hot body.  He then asked if I wanted to see his.  I may be socially awkward and possibly mistaken, but I'm pretty sure he offered to send me nudes and that he wanted mine in return.  This is where the fairytale turned sour.  He can't call me his dream girl if he's barely said a word to me before.  What does he know about me?  He only wants me for my body and good looks (although I think he has terrible eyesight).  Sure, this is the first time a boy has ever called me beautiful, but this opens my eyes to something.  You're really finding a gem when you meet a boy that doesn't want to just get in your pants.  The boy that's been texting me asked me what my dream boy is.  Well, my dream boy is a guy that cares about ME.  He wants to make me smile, to find enjoyment in life, and he cares about my personality, not my body.  Don't settle for the guy that just thinks you're pretty.

Friday, July 11, 2014

The Evolution of Beauty

When was the last time you saw a guy wear an outfit like this?
A more positive approach to the same theme that I posted on earlier would be to look at how far we've come.  Yes, there is still a standard of beauty to live up to, but it's not as bad as it used to be.  I think that today's current fashion gives girls more freedom than they've ever had before.  We used to squeeze our bodies into corsets to achieve that impossible waistline, kill our feet in high heels (or worse in China, break our feet to get them smaller), and weigh ourselves down with huge skirts.  This all adds up to constriction and pain.  On the contrary, current style (at least in California) calls for loose, comfortable clothing.  In addition to that, men tend to like curvier girls to stick thin ones.  That doesn't mean if your stick thin, you're not beautiful.  I'm just saying that if you aren't stick thin, don't kill yourself over dieting. We are evolutionizing the idea of beauty.  Being girls, we can wear skirts, shorts, pants, jumpsuits, etc. and get away with it.  Guys don't have that sort of freedom.  A guy who wears a skirt (unless it's a kilt) will probably be shunned, but a girl wearing pants is perfectly normal.  All I have to say is embrace your inner girl and don't worry so much about your appearance.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Girl Standard

I'm in a ranty mood, so please bear with me.  Why is there such a high standard for girls in society?  Beauty and the Beast is a movie that tries to teach the essentials of looking inside a person, but the first word in the title is "beauty."  I love Disney and I love that movie, but if the roles were switched and Belle was the ugly character, imagine how different the movie would be.  Would it have the same appeal as it already does?  What about The Hunchback of Notredame? We know that the ugly character loses the girl in this movie/novel, but would there be as much sympathy towards Quasimoto if he were a she?  Even in Mary Shelley's novel, Frankenstein, the leading female character, Elizabeth, is described as beautiful.  In fact, all of the women with connections to the main characters are described as beautiful.  For whatever reason, this seems to make the characters more lovable.  Also, why is it that women need makeup while men don't?  Why do we have to cover up every single imperfection while a little imperfection in men is okay?  I know that there are things out there (movies, books, etc.) that are made to deal with this view that everybody has, but I don't think there's enough of it out there.  This is a problem dealt with throughout history and in every society, so I have a request for all of you reading this (boys included): Break the pattern.