Friday, June 27, 2014

I Am Not a Cat Person

I like animals.  Whether it's a dog, a giraffe, a hamster, or even a spider, I enjoy all creatures.  When my neighbor asked me to look after her cat while she was away, I was kind of excited.  Having grown up with a dog, I never really got to see cats very often.  The first few days were okay.  I realized the cat wasn't very friendly when he gave me a couple of nips, but it wasn't too bad.  Today, however, this cat was waiting for me at the door.  When I tried to take a step inside, he swatted at me, and as I forced my way into the house, the cat continued to hold an epic battle against me.  When I was done refilling his water and giving him food, I turned around and found that feisty creature blocking my way.  It started to advance.  I wish I had worn jeans because I was bleeding enough already.  Next thing I knew, I was sitting on top of the counter fending myself off with a bag of cat food.  I hope my neighbors wouldn't mind if they found footprints all over their counter.  After that, I concluded that I am not in any way a cat person.

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